There is so much to do in Greenport, New York, especially during the summer. Since we ended up going the week after Labor Day, a lot of the activities were closed, but we still had the best time! Here are a few of the things we actually did while we were there!

Lavender By The Bay

7540 Main Rd, East Marion, NY 11939

I can only imagine how beautiful the lavender fields at Lavender By The Bay are when they are in full bloom. Since the season was nearly over they weren't as purple as they are at the height of the bloom, but it was still so beautiful! We went into the little shop they have before you enter the fields where they sell calming lavender sprays, satchels, oils, recipe books and more. We even got some extra lavender to bring home with us - it smelled SO GOOD!

Kontokosta Winery

825 North Road, Greenport, NY 11944

Even if you don't drink alcohol you should definitely go to the Kontokosta Winery. The property is spectacular and the view of the Long Island Sound are unparalleled. My mom and sister each got wine, one red and one white, and we shared a delicious charcuterie board at the picnic tables on the cliff.

Walk Around Greenport

Walking around Greenport is a full day activity in itself. There are so many cute shops to stop in, restaurants to eat at, and the waterfront area is so beautiful.

Briermere Farms

4414 Sound Ave, Riverhead, NY 11901

If you are heading to Greenport from NYC (or anywhere west) you definitely have to stop at Briermere Farm ... and then stop AGAIN on the way home! Not only do they have fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers, they also have DELICIOUS homemade pies and cookies! We ended up stopping on our way out of town and got an apple and blueberry pie!

I can't wait to head back to Greenport during the height of summer season so that we can experience even more of what it has to offer! Any recommendations? Leave them in the comments!

xoxo. Alexandra

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