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As you guys know by now, Ryan and I absolutely love to go snorkeling and try to get a trip in whenever we are in an area that is known for their coral reefs. Luckily, when visiting the Virgin Islands, snorkeling is a MAJOR attraction! We got the chance to partner up with Virgin Islands EcoTours for a full day of fun in the sun and had one of our favorite days of our trip! We started our day off by heading to the Red Hook Marina in St. Thomas for our short 10AM ferry ride over to Cruz Bay in St. John. Once we arrived, we were immediately greeted by their super friendly staff who took us to the tender that was waiting to take us over to Honeymoon Beach. As we approached the beach I was so surprised to see that we essentially had the WHOLE thing to ourselves!

We met the other members of the Virgin Islands EcoTours team (Destin, Ronnie and Alexandra - they were all awesome!) and they let us know that with our Honeymoon Beach Day Pass we would have access to all of the water sport rentals available! This included snorkeling gear, kayaks, paddle boards, floats, water trampolines and MORE! We set up our lounge chairs under a shady tree and got right to enjoying our day!

The snorkeling at Honeymoon Beach was amazing -the water was rather shallow so we were able to see a ton of coral and colorful fish. We even got to snorkel over to Caneel Bay (where the luxurious Caneel Bay Resort once stood, but has since been severely damaged in the hurricanes last year). We admired the coral patches, angelfish, barracudas and more colorful Caribbean fish! Head over to the @tourwifetourlife Instagram page to see some pretty cool videos from our dive!!

After snorkeling we had a delicious lunch at Bikinis on the Beach - I had the turkey wrap, which was so tasty! The menu had options for everyone and included all of the Virgin Island favorites in the cocktail department!

Then it was time to try out the kayak and SUP! The water was so calm so it was the PERFECT day to do both of these activities. We ended up kayaking all the way to Salomon Beach, one of the most beautiful white-sand beaches I have ever seen. We thought about getting out but there were a bunch of people there and we had Honeymoon Beach all to ourselves! Plus the sun was starting to go down in the sky and I wanted to try SUP for the first time. It truly was so peaceful - check out the video I posted on the @tourwifetourlife Instagram page!

I truly cannot describe what an amazing time we had with Virgin Islands EcoTours. The water sports were amazing, the snorkeling was beautiful, and, most importantly, the team on the island made us feel so welcome and really made sure we had a wonderful time. They even played some Twiddle while they were closing up the island and got everyone dancing!!!! You really have to visit the Virgin Islands so that you can find out for yourselves! Not only do they offer their trip to Honeymoon Beach, they also tour other areas of St. John and St. Thomas - they will even take you on a tour of the Mangrove Lagoon (which unfortunately we did not get to do because I was sick - hopefully next time!)! I promise you will have an amazing experience with Virgin Island EcoTours!

xoxo. Alexandra

Our excursion with Virgin Islands EcoTours was comped in exchange for the blog and social media coverage we provided for them. However, I am not being compensated for this post. Thank you to Virgin Island EcoTours for hosting us!


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