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I just want to say a quick thing as we drive down the road to the Peach Festival (which will be followed by shows with Phil Lesh and more frends of ours at CMAC and Levon Helm’s barn - SO EXCITING!) ... I can tell you the first time I ever heard the name Phish. I was visiting a friend on Lake George and a local at the ice cream store told us how he had just come back from their festival. My level of caring was not high AT ALL. Little did I know that the festival he was speaking of was Coventry and how much the stories from that weekend would affect me later on. Some funny experiences ensued and we’ve been friends for life, but I didn’t really think much about the “Phish” name after that. I can tell you the first time I ever heard a Phish song. Later on, probably about five or six years later, I heard Phish over the speakers in a dorm room for the first time. I remembered hearing about them in the past, but didn’t know much. Obviously I was impressed to say the least, but I could have never pictured where my life would go because of the band. I truly believe that I owe everything I am today to those four guys - as crazy as it may sound (and duh I owe to my family and friends, too) ... but everything I love, everything I stand for, and everything I strive to be (aside from the crazy wook stuff) I owe to Trey, Mike, Page and Jon. We spent the end of our evening before this long six hour drive today listening to the Phish stream from Tahoe and I was so flooded with memories of shows, jams, friends and people that I now consider family. It feels foreign to me to miss so much Phish this year, especially the shows at one of my favorite venues ever THE GORGE!!!, but I am so blessed to be where I am. And while I am sad that I am feeling FOMO for a majority of this tour I am so grateful that I can watch my husband and his three best frends/brothers play their hearts out in some of the most awesome venues with even more awesome musicians by their sides! 

We’re off to see Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, Turkuaz, Kitchen Dwellers, Magic Beans, Midnight North, Phil Lesh and the Terrapin Family Band and more and I couldn’t be happier - especially to be able to call these musicians my frends! This life keeps on giving so keep on accepting!! See y’all at curveball! xoxo. Alexandra 

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Hey guys! My name is

Alexandra Dempsey, I am 31 years old and live in Stowe, Vermont.

I recently decided to start this blog to give you all a look into the life of a tour wife - the highs, the lows, and EVERYTHING in between!

My rock star husband, Ryan Dempsey

of Twiddle, stands by me every step

of the way as we journey on this whirlwind we like to call the "tour life."

Follow along on my travels, hear

stories from fellow tour wives, and

earn about some of my favorite things. Hope you enjoy and

thanks so much for reading!!

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